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Wuxi Zozen Boiler Corporation Ltd., Founded in 1956. It is a national approved and designated enterprise, with design and manufacture license permits of grade B boilers and D1, D2 pressure vessels. With over 60 years' experience in boiler design, technique, production, installation and operation.

We are one of the leading enterprises which first obtained the national boiler manufacturing license in China. The main products are oil gas fired steam and hot water boiler, coal/biomass fired grate boiler, thermal oil heater, electric heating boiler etc. Zozen boiler has exported to more than 60 countries, including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Zambia, Ethiopia, Egypt, UAE, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Mexico, Indonisia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Chile, etc.

vertical composite hot water boiler definition

  • vertical boiler with horizontal fire-tubes - wikipedia

    Vertical boiler with horizontal fire-tubes - Wikipedia

    A vertical boiler with horizontal fire-tubes is a type of small vertical boiler, used to generate The boiler is a cylindrical vertical water drum with a hemispherical domed top. Some arrangements use a separate tube bank for the heat recovery exhaust gases or the direct firing gases, others pass the exhaust gases into the 

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  • fire-tube boiler - wikipedia

    Fire-tube boiler - Wikipedia

    A fire-tube boiler is a type of boiler in which hot gases pass from a fire through one or (many) Vertical boilers have also been built of the multiple fire-tube type, although The hot gases are directed along a series of fire tubes, or flues, that penetrate the boiler and heat the water thereby generating saturated ("wet") steam.

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  • boiler questions - marine steam boilers

    Boiler Questions - Marine steam boilers

    Composite Boilers We have a steam genereting facilty using process heat. is a vertical condenser with process vapours on tube side and boiler feed water on shell Oil present, even small quantities, in boiler water will cause foaming and the control valve really is fully open by means of the hand-manoeuvre device.

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  • oevc2 water tube type composite boiler | osaka boiler


    Evaporation. Oil firing side 400~2,500kg/h. Exhaust gas side 300~1,500kg/h. Heating surface. Vertical water tube. Furnace. Refractory furnace bottom type.

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  • parat combined oil fired and exhaust gas boiler - parat halvorsen

    Parat Combined Oil Fired and Exhaust Gas Boiler - PARAT Halvorsen

    Capacity 3.5 t/h exhaust gas, 5 t/h oil fired The boiler is of vertical design with The principle of the boiler is based on a common water and steam space When this mode is activated, the exhaust gas section becomes the main heating source. the old one, which means it can be used with the same available space and 

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  • specification 36. heating, hot and cold water, steam and gas

    Specification 36. Heating, hot and cold water, steam and gas

    4 Continuous-coil Hot Water Boilers. 2.3.5 Electrode Boilers.. means approval in writing by the PM, unless stated otherwise. 1.2.4. A print of each of the composite circuit and underside of the crown of large vertical cylindrical tanks.

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  • vertical boiler - all industrial manufacturers - videos - directindustry

    Vertical boiler - All industrial manufacturers - Videos - DirectIndustry

    processes needed;Up to this temperature heat carrier to be used as a steam or hot water boiler.However, temperatures as high as300C° need to increase the 

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  • boiler operation made easy : procedure for starting and stopping a

    Boiler Operation Made Easy : Procedure for Starting and Stopping a

    Jul 1, 2016 The article explains staring and stopping procedure for a boiler on ship. boiler and fill the water inside the boiler drum to just above the low water level. Ÿ If separate heating arrangement for heavy oil is present then there's 

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  • composite curve - an overview | sciencedirect topics

    Composite Curve - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    Moving the curves closer together means increased heat recovery, and the The point where the vertical distance between the Composite Curves is at its.. The cooling water composite curve can first be constructed from the limiting cooling 

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